About Us

Plumbers Glasgow Plumbing Company was founded a decade ago in Glasgow with the sole purpose of offering Glasgow residents and its neighbours with high quality plumbing services.

Glasgow Plumbers

Glasgow Plumbers

The dream of starting the best plumbing Glasgow Company has been with Mr. Allan for many years. Having been employed with another company, he was able to experience the poor services offered by other experts within the company. Clients complained every time a job was completed and the company never provided free plumbing services to have the problems corrected.

This led Mr. Allan to start the Plumbers Glasgow Company. He founded the company on the principles of – honesty, high quality, fast, affordable services plus putting the customers’ needs first always. Thanks to his principles and dedication to please his clients, the Plumbers Glasgow Company has grown to be the best plumbing companies in Glasgow.

Our services

Are you experiencing any problems with your plumbing system? You don’t have to worry anymore, call our support staff and our experienced staff will be at your doorstep ready to solve your problems. We offer the following plumbing Glasgow services:

Water leak repairs

We know your plumbing system has seen better days and due to rust, normal wear and tear, you are now experiencing leaks. Why let your water bill increase while our experts can resolve the problems with just a few steps. You won’t even know how much we have saved you until you see your reduced water bills.

Install, repair and maintain plumbing systems

We know how water is a vital resource to your home. This is why we are ready to install the plumbing system all over your home and business. Our experts can resolve the problem at an affordable fee.

Install, repair and maintain sinks, taps and toilets

Our experts are ready to install, repair and maintain your bathroom faucet and toilet. You don’t have to worry as they will source for you the best materials for your home or business.

Install washing machines and dishwashers

Why waste your time and effort washing clothes and dishes with your hands while you can concentrate on running your home online business, bonding with your family and relaxing to rejuvenate your energy? Call our experts to install and maintain your washing machines and dishwashers today.

Install and repair waste disposal units

You can finally enjoy the services of a waste disposal unit. When it’s damaged, don’t worry, we will repair it for you.

Boiler cleaning, repair and servicing

We are specialists in installing, repairing, cleaning and servicing all types of boilers. These include the condensing and combination boilers.

Gas central heating installation, repair and maintenance

As experts with over 10 years experience, we are available to install, repair and service your gas central heating. Our experts can help you cut down on fuel consumption and save you on bills.

Gas leak detection and repairs

Our experts use thermal imaging cameras, acoustic leak detectors, snake cameras, moisture detectors and nitrogen-hydrogen leak tracing gas. They have perfected the methods to provide high quality services. If you suspect any leak, call us immediately.

Landlord gas safety certificates

As a landlord with rental property in Glasgow, you are responsible for all gas appliances. This means you need to ensure the system is checked and maintained annually. Our experts will do this for you and after that, you will be issued with a landlord gas safety certificate. Remember, as the landlord, you need to ensure you have a valid certificate always.

So, still wondering why you need to choose us? Our experts are highly trained, skilled and knowledgeable. They are all time served plumbers and gas fitters with all necessary qualifications. They are highly experienced and so they will offer you high quality services with professionalism too. Are you looking for customised Glasgow plumbing solutions? Call our support staff and book an appointment.